hardcover bi-lingual edition
in English and Bangla
illustrated in water color

USD $20 (postpaid)

                      and daughterFrom the press:

Sharmin Ahmad "explores the connection between accountability and universal motherhood in this book, in the context of Islamic values of compassion and mercy. ...people are given to neglect their relationship with the Divine Creator, and remain in conflict...." Zubair Qureshi, The Daily Pakistan Observer Islamabad  (12/15/03).

From the book:

"'Mother dear, how have you become my mom?' asked five-year old Aumrita, leaning against her mom's lap. Her mother looked at her dark wide eyes and smiled. 'You chose me before you were born."

"[A] ll go [to earth] to obey certain special instructions from Eternal Light and no one forgets their instructions except the two-legged creature, the human."

From the foreword:

"With her luminous words and blissful story of a Mother and Daughter and the Path of the Soul, Sharmin Ahmad has discerned the emanation and radiation of Love for us all-no matter our sexual, racial, ethnic, national or linguistic backgrounds.  She has captured a vision of humanity as one family. Symbolically, she has expressed that by calling on Love, you release a spring within you and then all you have to do is let it flow and do its work: it will purify everything. You only have to open your heart and give. The person to whom you give your love will hand it on to the loved one, and then to another, thus forming a current, a rainbow, that goes out from you and returns to you after flowing through thousands of other beings.
"As her devoted friend, I have witnessed Sharmin as a Mother, Daughter, Wife, Educator, and International Lecturer be this model of Love and Life-Giver to hundreds of us."

Amy Kraft,: President and co-founder of IDEAL-SPRING International Foundation (Montana, USA), is promoting and supporting a holistic educational system, based on the principles of "education through experience", particularly prenatal and youth education, in keeping with spiritual, ecological, economic and human values. The Institute for the Development of Education, Art and Leisure (IDEAL) British Columbia, Canada. Art and Leisure (IDEAL).

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